Why Dark Posts?
May 5th, 2014 by Xarah

If you are like me you are on more than one subscriber list. I subscribe to a lot of lists


a) I can learn from them

b) I get informed about new products or business opportunities

The last few weeks I have seen emails that mentioned “Dark Posts“. Though I didn’t have
the time to read those emails nor look at any information or videos. I simply filed them.

So, finally, the other week, I sorted my emails and started reading. Those emails had my
attention real fast.

Because it sounded like it was the answer to my prayers.

See, I was looking for a way to scale up my business. More over, I was looking for a way to
be able to run several businesses.

xarah with JT Foxx and Andrew Smith

Xarah with JT Foxx and Andrew Smith

Since I’ve been to the 2-day event with JT Foxx and learning that he manages around 30 businesses. His friend Andrew Smith also has several businesses. One of them a franchise. He’s the franchise owner, the franchise giver.

I was impressed. I always thought I could only have one business and have to focus on that one business.

What if I could find a way to handle more than one businesses? 5? 10? A round dozen?

JT and Andrew have more or less traditional businesses and employees, CEOs etc.

This is great though I don’t want to have employees! Just the thought makes me scringe!

These guys are young and if I was 20-30 years younger… maybe not… LOL

One Business or Several Businesses?

This idea of having multiple businesses was brewing in my brain and I figured, with
Internet Marketing, Affiliate Marketing and especially Network Marketing, I could have
several businesses. Several income streams. Several legs to stand on.

To me that sounds like more security. What about you?

Of course not when building them the traditional way.

  • make a list of your 100-200 friends and family (don’t forget Kindergarden)
  • call everybody, invite them to a 3-way call or business opportunity meeting
  • call them again whether they have shown up or not – called Follow-up
  • go to gatherings, meetups, events, fairs (and talk to everybody)


Internet is such a great technology. With the internet we can reach people everywhere.

At the time of this writing I have 2 businesses that are truly global:

  • Empower Network. It’s a digital product. You just need a computer.
  • FGXexpress. It’s physical products that are sent by envelop. You just need a mailbox
    (a computer is helpful of course).

Social Media. There is not only Facebook, there are tons of sites that a marketer can be part
of. For the time being I chose Facebook though because of the above mentioned DARK


There are of course several free “methods” to find prospects or customers on Facebook. But
they are time consuming. And I for one am too ADHD to stick to them for too long. But
that’s just me. You might be different. Lots of people have built their businesses with free
Of course nothing is free. They invest their time, more time than I really want to.

I mean, don’t you have better things to do than spend hours on Facebook, sending
messages to people, responding to them, getting into a chat with them and eventually spill
the beans? Hoping someone is actually looking for what you have to offer. And I’m sure
what ever you have to offer is awesome. The best product. The best marketing plan. It
must be the best because you are promoting it, right?


dpp-baby-recruitDARK POSTS are different. They are not free. They are ads. The point with
the ads is, your ad is seen by potential clients, prospects, team
members, customers

With the newest business I’m involved now, I went with my sponsor to a fair and
watched him, litterly talk to (almost) everybody. It was fascinating for me to
watch him. And I knew this is certainly not something I wanted to do.

Though I did talk to 3-4 people. I got their cards. I sent them the promised

Guess what happened? Nothing! Why not? Because they were not really looking. They are
employees. And as long as they think their job is save they will not look at something else.

You are reading this. You are looking. That’s good. Keep your options open.

I made a short video to show you what DARK POSTS are because that was my very first
question. Watch it here, it’s only 4 minutes:

Is Facebook also your choice of resource for new customers and team members? For
growing your business? For building your business? Then you just have to learn about

Dark Posts!

There is a link underneath the video, or heck, go directly here. Watch the video and don’t
mind when your credit card floats out of your wallet. Because what you learn in this course
is worth more than the $100 it costs (costs now, it used to be $497 and they say it’ll go up

You will love the course!



PS: The bonus got added the other day.

How Chris got 38 sign ups into a Network Marketing business within 24 hours!




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