A Toe In The I-Quadrant
Mar 19th, 2018 by Xarah

Can you have a toe in the I-Quadrant?

You know, I’ve been playing the Cashflow game for several years now, online and offline, and yet, I am not financially free yet. How come?

The other day I had a sudden thought: I was looking for a $1 deal. And I thought I had found it – several times. And while in the game, when you do get the $1 deal card, you are out of the rat race (unless you only buy a handful), it’s just a matter of time.

In real life, those “$1” deals never turned out to anything substantial ;-(

I am reading now the Cashflow Quadrant book and almost at the same time somebody shared an opportunity with me, which puts me in the B and the I Quadrant fields. Well, at least with a toe LOL

I-Quadrant Field

I’m a member of this angel investing club now. They invest in young an promising startups. I pay a small monthly fee. And I get weekly shares for free. This is my toe in the I-quadrant field.

The club also has – very smart of them – a 5 level deep affiliate plan. BTW do you know that Amazon has an affiliate plan? They do, but only 1 level deep, and the cookie is only good for 30 days. And there are thousands of other affiliates – big competition.

Anyway. Here, we not only get 5 level deep commissions every month, people also don’t leave after a couple of months because they understand the importance of the I-quadrant. And you are no competition to me if you start telling your friends about it. I actually do hope you do so 🙂

Here you have your B-quadrant field.

What else can I tell you? That’s about it. Click on the image and put your Name and Email address into the fields for more information. Watch the video. Get back to me and let’s get you started in the I-Quadrant field, too!

To your growing Cashflow days!
– Xarah

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Follow Your Passion?
Feb 23rd, 2018 by Xarah

Have you heard this before:

Follow Your Passion?

I’ve heard this about passion for many many years now. My passion about 15 years ago was Xena. So I bought several domains, bought software for a fanfiction site, and started to build a Xena Fanfiction archive. Because I didn’t know how to monetize all that I asked on the first (landing) page for donations. I did get a few dollars. Thank you. But that didn’t even pay for the hosting. But it was my passion.
Eventually, I had to explore other ways to earn money, generate an income.
A few years ago, the server got hacked and the work of over 10 years was gone.

Since a few years now, I’m into the Cashflow game, I love to play it, I love to teach it. But I could not figure out how to put the game into real life. I tried a lot of things…

Until recently. When I was invited to join a club of angel investors. As a club member, I pay a monthly fee and get free shares of Startups. That appealed very much to me because the best deals – other than the $1 deal – are businesses in the game.

This moved me into the I-Quadrant. And because of the affiliate program, I’m also planted in the B-Quadrant 🙂

Last night I went to play the Cashflow game. I was asked to be the mentor (and the bank) of a newbie table. And I had so much fun! Seeing them understanding something all of a sudden. Or seeing them getting lots of money because of a good deal. Seeing them learning. I had a grand time.

And I realized, this is my passion. If my “work” is playing the Cashflow game, teaching it, living it, I will never work a minute for the rest of my life 🙂

I finally understand, what it means when somebody says: “If you follow your passion you never work anymore.” It doesn’t mean you don’t do anything anymore, it means since you love what you do it does not seem like work.

In other words, if you do something that seems, looks and feels like work, you probably don’t love what you do.

So. What is it, that you would love to do?

PS: If you are interested in the I-Quadrant leave a comment or connect with me on FB

Richwoman Club in Frauenfeld Nov 19 2014
Nov 20th, 2014 by Xarah

richwoman cashflow club

I went to Frauenfeld last night to the RichWoman Cashflow Club. We were 4 women and 1 guy and played the Cashflow game. We had a lot of fun – could have been the Champagne… LOL

The guy and one of the gals I know from the Master Finance course I’m taking in order to educate ourselves on finances and investment. The other was the owner of the club and her mother.

Playing Cashflow helps with understand your financial situation

We all were able to leave the rat race after playing 1,5 hours but the the lady who was also the banker. She would have, too, would have just needed a bit more time.

The guy, Thomas, left the rat race before all of us and was able to run on the fast track a couple of dice throws. Ruth, then Natalie, than me announced we were out. Practically together. Then the alarm rang. I entered the fast track with half a million.

You just need a few good opportunities and not give up

kim kiyosaki richwoman cashflow gameI had bought a couple of houses and was able to sell them with $50K profit. Suddenly I had 100K cash and bought businesses, a Carwash, a Pizza chain, a Sandwich chain. I even bought the 20ha land. Because I was an engineer in the game I knew I had to have large income (passive income) producing opportunities.

One of the opps I bought from Thomas because he could not afford it – yet. He later made a lot of money by selling some of this properties.

It doesn’t matter what you start with

Of course I had a bigger monthly cashflow than most of the others. So I bought stuff from others who didn’t have the money to buy it.

One of the girls was down at 20 bucks monthly cashflow. The guy who had left at that time the rat race gave her 40k to buy a bigger item so she could pay back her bank credits (even needed a bank credted because she was unemployed a couple of times). And that’s what brought her out of the rat race.

I had whispered to her to get a big deal when it was her term and when she ends up on the deal field because the last coupld of times I ended up on getting a kid, cashflow day or market. I whispered if I’d like the deal I’d buy it from her.

Learning by Playing the Cashflow Game

What I learned: sometimes you need other people to help you change your life and your outlook. In her case, she needed somebody who believed in her and gave her the money. She could have given him back the money right after she entered the rat race. Piece of cake.

Sometimes we need some “luck”, to find a good opportunity, to find the right people to join your business (who have the money to invest into their new business and education). But, even though Ruth, Nicole and Natalie were unemployed several times in the game, they all made it.

Never give up your dreams

At one point, when she was down at 20 bucks on Cashflow days, Natalie almost wanted to give up but we helped her to stay in the game, to keep up hope. And see what happened!

Playing this game Cashflow is a good start to learn about money, investing – and about yourself.

This is what I use in real life to get out of the rat race:

Eventually I will learn about investing in stocks and real estate in order to move over to the right side of the Cashflow quadrant. I just watched a german webinar. The guy does weekend workshop where we can learn to invest in stocks and what to look out for. I want to take this course (in Hamburg) next year. It’s not as scary as I thought it is.

Check out the video on my page. Let’s thrive together!

from Xarah with Love

Have you played the game yet? Or are you going to find a club in your area after reading this article? Leave a comment below.


No Business Owner
Oct 31st, 2014 by Xarah

Are you a business owner if you are a network marketer?

Looking at the Cashflow Quadrant, me and probably you too, thought we were business owners.

I try to explain in this video why we are not business owners, why we are not in the B quadrant.

But then we can still create and earn passive income. Right? Watch the video now

Not being in the B-Quadrant but having access to a system that I don’t have to create and
work on it, all I and we all have to do is share it with others. Which I do with you now:

start living your dream

And earn cash and passive income 🙂

See you on the other side!

from Xarah with Love


Cashflow Game October 9
Oct 10th, 2014 by Xarah

Its’ Cashflow Game Night!

Last night we had 5 players. Probably the biggest group we’ve had in a couple of years.

Because they were mostly beginners…

– 3 have played once before and one of them has played the first and only time 3-4 years ago.
– 2 have not played before and one of them has not even read any of Robert Kiyosaki’s books yet and didn’t really know what this was about.

Quickly my Cashflow club partner Roland and I decided to open another bank, or a branch of the main bank 🙂 just like in real life, right?

Roland was on the top of the table and I was on the other end.

That way we could help everybody better.

The Slow Way or the Fast Way

We could have done it two ways.

The slow way or the fast way.

The Slow Way
One bank. One helper when filling out the booking keeping sheets. Letting them take the time to decide whether they want to buy a deal or sell an asset.

Pro: everybody could learn from the other
Con: it was too loud in the restaurant for the person farthest away to understand everything

The Fast Way
While one was filling out the sheet after making a decision the next person got to throw the dice because one of the bankers could check and help. Because the auditors were new too and didn’t really know what to look for or to look at.

Con: they can’t learn from the others
Pro: the game was faster and it was their turn to throw the dice and get the chance for a deal more often.


About one minute before the alarm sounded for us to let us know to stop the game (Restaurant wants to close at some time), or we would keep on playing until everybody has left the rat race….

…Dominique had several great deals in a row and was able to leave the rat race.

Too bad he could not enjoy the life in the fast track because the time was up.

He was more than surprised because he really didn’t understand how it happened. But that’s ok. He can come play again and eventually he’ll understand.

How To Leave The Rat Race

Work on your own business even as an employee until you have more passive income from your business, your investments than your expenses.

This is my strategy to leave the rat race. It not only provides passive income it also provides cash, as in up to $3000 per “sale”.

I put the word sale in “quotation marks” because I don’t activly have to sell. I can but I don’t have to. All I have to do is send eyeballs (traffic) to one of the several capture pages. Pages where people can get more information, or will see a video with more information.

The video will not explain everything, that’s not possible. But enough to make people wanting it, or curious, or get their hopes up.

For me, the first time I saw one of those videos, it was like: I want to have fun again. I want to live again.

And I found it with this system, this digital franchise-style business.

Take a look here. See if this is something you want to have in your arsenal to help you leave the rat race asap.

I’ll be there, waiting for you. Lets do it together. Let’s lock arms and fight the forces of evil that try to keep us in the rat race!


Cashflow Club World Wide
Jul 25th, 2014 by Xarah

Cashflow Clubs Worldwide

I added the Cashflow club where I’m involved with to the Cashflow Club world wide.

If you are in some kind of business, heck even if you are “only” employed, you might want to consider to get some financial education. You can do that easily, very inexpensive and with lots of fun with a Cashflow club.

Click the image above and take a look, maybe there is a club in your city. If not, try Oncle Google or on the website.

Cheers, Xarah

PS: Click on the image below to start building cashflow in real life.

start living your dream

Leaving the Ratrace in Real Life
Nov 29th, 2012 by Xarah

Leaving the Ratrace in Real Life


Playing cashflow online the other day I have never had such a fast game.

How the game went, read here.

Just as easy to leave the rat race in a Cashflow game it’s with a high-ticket deal or Empower Network.

No, with your normal Network Marketing deal (starting the business with $150 and earning 5% of the volume…) you cannot leave the rat race… at least not fast. And free deals? LOL right.

High Ticket

High-tickel deals mean big investments. Like having to buy into it for $20’000 in order to get $3’000 or maybe even $5’000.

While at Empower Network the investment is a little over $5’000.

And you can earn $4’625.

Every time someone buys from you.

How many of those per month do you need to leave the rat race?

Though according to the game you need passive income. Just one $1 more than your monthly expenses and you get on the fast track. But only $125 of those $4’625 count towards passive income. I guess one sale does not propel you out of the rat race … yet.

You still have $4’500 in your bank (well, minus bank and transfer fees, so almost $4’500) though.

Pay off debt and decrease your monthly expenses.

Save up for a long and luxurious vacation with the whole family.

Use 20% of that for either paid advertisement or out source some labour… or both.

What would you do? Leave your comment, ideas and visions below in the comment box. Or just sign up here and start your journey out of the rat race now.

Cashflow game in real life

So, if you have played the Cashflow game and have wondered how in real life you can leave the rat race fast, check out Empower Network because for me this is the solution for all of us who want it.

Here’s what to do next.
Step 1:  Click on the Register Now Button Below.
Step 2:  Put your best email in the form.
Step 3:  Click on Submit.
After you watch the 29 minute film, you’ll be ready to join so plan on that.
Looking forward to hearing from you and having you a part of our ‘leave the ratrace in real life’ team!


from xarah with love

xarah art

One of my goals with this work is to take my family to the beaches of the world.
If you’re interested in achieving similar goals, just follow the instructions above.

Now, click the yellow button above, watch the video training and decide to get in
today if you want to go to the beaches of the world!

Xarah Dax
Skype: sarnetwork
Facebook: xarah.dax

P.S. Have a look at what ordinary people experience with this way of doing online business:

P.P.S. Begin your 1000 dollar paydays by clicking this link right here: The Easy Way Is Here!

Cashflow Game April 12
Apr 13th, 2012 by Xarah

I play Cashflow – do you?

But first I tell you about my day

Yesterday was a full pump day

I got up early. Jumped a half an hour on the Trampoline and listened to an audio with Dave Wood and Mark Call. Had a shower. Fed the cats.

And then to my office. It took me from the kitchen to my office about… 10 seconds…

I had some work to do for my day job, did some Facebook and other kind of marketing, generating leads.

In the afternoon I went to the gym and listened to an audio with Dave Wood and Justin. When I’m alone at the gym I unplug the music stick because I rather work out at my pace instead of the one from the music and I got into sweating. It’s like I forget where I am, just listen. Think. And work out.

Still pumped

Got home and usually I’m tired when I reach the 5th floor and collapse on the bed, not this time. Still pumped, could be from me drinking Xe energy drink during the work out.

Anyway, back to do some house hold (starting a machine of laundry) and again 10 seconds to walk to my office.

Why am I not getting tired?

A couple of hours later I left the house again to go a Cashflow game. Even though it’s Thursday and usually my choir day but once a month I take the time off now and do some education 😉 BTW you can play the Cashflow game online, too.

Everybody else is tired

The train was full, almost every seat was taken and a lot of people standing. And I thought, boy am I glad I don’t have to do that every day!

Finally, playing the Cashflow Game

What happened during the game

cashflow gameThe very first card I drew was to buy shares for $1.- and because I was a manager with a nice pay day – and big expenses… expensive kids, too … I bought 1’500 shares from my cash.

Guess what, those shares showed up once for only $10 and I figured, hm, those shares might just go up a bit more and didn’t sell. And they didn’t go up again LOL

Other shares showed up, once we had 3 cards in a row, the same shares! First $20 then $30 and then $50! Of course we all said: don’t buy for $20! So she didn’t and was about to bite into the table because those shares went up and up and up.

Like in real life LOL

Anyway, I soon got the opportunity to buy a 2 bed room house for $0 down but with a negative cashflow of $100. I figured I could fix it up, like this 14 year old did, and eventually sell it for a nice profit.

A little while later I bought another one of those for $3’000 down and a positive cashflow of $100.

Equals now $0 passive income 🙂

I knew – and hoped – eventually the market would pick up and sure enough I was able to sell both for $100’000. Though I had to be rather patient.

All in all a pay out of $103’000. Not bad, hu?

Keep your eyes open

All I needed now is to keep my eyes open for a lucrative opportunity and jump on it.

By then I had a passive income of $0 (still or again) and total expenses of $3’170. Pretty high and almost impossible to get out of.

Next opportunity for a deal I took a big deal. And big it was.

The big deal was a appartment house with 24 units. I had to put $75’000 down – which I had on hand. And it got me a passive income of $3’400.

Can you do the math?

I instantly saw I left the rat race!

I got lucky. It could have been a deal than only brought in $300 or $800. And I would have need a handful of those deals. But yes, sometimes luck plays a role.

But because I invested and “paid” every month for along time until the second deal showed up a $100 every month. But I was ready to invest. Which I know a lot of people aren’t. Not only in real life, also in the game. And then I had enough cash on hand to be able to realize my jump out of the rat race.

Be at the right place at the right time – and realize it. You know, when lucks knocks at your door, be at home and open it!

Infinitetly rich

If you have more passive income (which does not contain your income from your job) than expenses, you are infintely rich. Can you see that? This is not only true in the game, it’s true in real life. Have you figured out what your monthly expenses are?

Now you know, how big your monthly passive income has to be.

Of course, a sensible person would increase their passive income first before increasing their expenses 🙂

Leaving the rat race in the Cashflow game

Anyway, I left the rat race, went onto the fast track. Bought a gold mine which turned out to be empty after all. Didn’t have money to go into the oil deal but bought a couple of businesses.

Then I had the chance to get into a TV commercial deal which I took and it was so successful that I added $50’000 extra cashflow – which is part of the goal.

Either add an extra $50’000 to your cashflow or buy your dream.

We let the others keep on playing for the practise.

Just before we had to stop the game because of the time and the restaurant closing, the lady with those shares that kept going up, was able to leave the rat race because I saw she had a bank credit that she could partiatly pay back and that made her expenses go down and that made her passive income higher than her expenses. Not by much but by enough 🙂

I think that alone made her learn a lot. It was like an eye opener.

The other guy had the money to buy something and all he needed was an extra $41 passive income but I looked into the magic glas ball and saw the next 3-4 cards were only shares and none of them he had. No passive income for him.

I moved the magic ball around a bit, shook it and woohoo a deal that would have gotten him out came up.

We had a lot of fun!

What I have learned and wittnessed so far is that often people with high paying jobs hardly ever get out of the rat race but the people with the low paying jobs usually leave the rat race even though at the beginning they think they have no chance…. I got out this time with a high paying job.

So, it is possible. No matter where you are at.

You need luck and be open to see opportunities.

I was asked how long I’ve been playing – a year or so. And has anything changed for me.

Yes, I would say so.

I’m still on the left side of the equation, but I have a toe on the right side.

Neither open nor ready

One year ago if I would have been introduced to Empower Network I would not have been open. For one thing I’d still be very focused and hopeful for my chocolate business.

And for another thing I would not have been ready to invest that kind of money into learning about internet marketing. I was still into free and cheap stuff – though obviously they didn’t help me at all.

And I was not open to invest in myself, in my self-development.

Last November I was. Open. Willing.

I saw a big deal, a chance and went all in.

I still have a (small) negative cashflow but comparing to what I’ve invested before and got out (nothing), at least I broke even with Empower Network. From now on all profit 🙂

But more importantly. I know everybody getting into this deal. Everybody being open to invest in themselves. Will succeed. It may take 90 days. It may take a year. But during that time, everybody – who wants – can learn so much. Nobody can take those skills away.

Can you learn from the Cashflow game?

In my opinion: yes! Maybe here in Switzerland you need more than $5’000 down to buy a house. Maybe to invest in shares you need a lot more knowledge. But the important thing is to see a deal. To see the potential. Of the deal. And of yourself.

Do you see the potential yet in yourself? Then come join this fast growing team of empowering networkers.

I’ll see you on top of the mountains!

from xarah with love

You owe it yourself to check it at least out.

Was würde ich machen, wenn Geld keine Rolle spielen würde?
Sep 11th, 2011 by Xarah

passives-einkommenAls ich kürzlich nach Schwerzenbach zum Cashflow spielen ging, erzählte uns Roland (der Club-Leiter), was an einem Gruppentreffen von dem Leiter gefragt wurde:  Was würdest du machen, wenn Geld keine Rolle spielen würde?

Das erstaunlich war, dass praktisch alle sagten: sie würden arbeiten. Nur Roland sagte: ich habe 3-4 Ferienhäuser, in Genf, Arosa, Davos und Zermatt und lade kinderreiche Familien ein, eine Woche gratis Ferien dort zu machen.

Er sagt das so mit Überzeugung, dass er von einem anwesenden Teilnehmer gefragt wurde, ob er auch mal in einem seiner Ferienhäuser Ferien machen dürfte!

Nun meine Frage an dich:  Was würdest du machen, wenn Geld keine Rolle spielen würde?

Würdest du arbeiten? Für Geld? Oder würdest du dir etwas suchen, was dich schon immer interessiert oder fasziniert hat? Vielleicht ein Praktikum, um etwas neues zu lernen?

Oder würdest du ein Hobby ausbauen?

Erst kürzlich realisierte ich – als ich einmal zu oft gesagt habe: wenn ich nur gewusst hätte, dass ich leicht Sprachen lerne, wäre ich in all die Länder rund um die Schweiz gegangen und hätte diese Sprachen gelernt – ja, es viel mir wie Schuppen von den Augen! Das ist mein Traum. Sprachen lernen. Aber nicht in einer Sprachschule 1-2 Stunden in der Woche. Nein, ich möchte 6 Monate (oder so) in einem Land wohnen, leben, die Sprache erleben, Freunde finde und die Sprache anwenden.

Also, was ich machen würde, wenn Geld keine Rolle spielen würde? Ich würde Sprachen lernen. Aber mit welchem Land fange ich an? Schweden? Spanien? Portugal? Italien? Frankreich? Nun, bei der letzten Sprache hätte ich den Vorteil, dass ich sie schon mal in der Schule gelernt habe, aber sie “macht mich nicht so an”. Keine Angst, schlimmstenfalls werfe ich eine Münze 😉

Nun freue ich mich auf deinen Kommentar. Was würdest du machen, wenn Geld keine Rolle spielen würde?

Siehe auch den Artikel “Wie reich bist du?“. Vielleicht hilft dir dort etwas, um deinen Traum erfüllen zu können, schneller als du vielleicht denkst.

Was für einen Plan hast du?

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How’s Business?
Jul 1st, 2011 by Xarah

marienkaeferToday somebody asked me on Skype: How is the Chocolate business comming along?

My answer was: let me put it this way: who do you know who knows what chocolate is? who do you know who likes chocolate? who do you know who eats chocolate everyday? who do you know who should not eat chocolate because of weight/diabetes/diet?

You know, in this time, when goverments are printing money out of thin air it’s very important to have a plan in place, to have passive income. You never know when you lose your job or rent goes up (we all know health insurance goes up all the time).

I don’t want to go into real estate or stock (yet). I want to help people. Therefore, my plan is to grow my chocolate business and thus offer a solution to troubled people who suffer from poor health or poor cashflow.

I just talked to my accountant and for her cashflow is the money flowing in and out of your company. For me cashflow is the extra money, left-over-money so to speak. Income minus expenses = cashflow.

And, when passive income is bigger than expenses you are home free, maybe not rich yet but you have a lot less worries. Can you imagine what your life will look like?

Let’s say your total expenses (rent or home mortage, school loan payment, car payment, insurance, credit card payment and other expenses) is $3’500 and thanks to your business (for instance Internet Marketing or Network Marketing) you have a passive income of $3’500 what will that mean to you?

If you don’t understand yet what I’m talking about, I suggest you play a Cashflow game, either in your area or online.

After reading some of Robert Kiyosaki’s books I understand the differences better. I understand recession and inflation better. And I understand it’s up to me, not my government to make sure I’m well off. I have to take care of myself and not depend on any government programs.

BTW, did you know, chocolate is recession-free? After all chocolate has its own holidays, not one, not two but THREE:

  • Valentines’ Day
  • Easter and
  • Christmas.
  • Not to mention birthdays, Weddings, Dating, Bluesdays…

So, tell me, what your life would look like if your passive income was bigger than your expenses and how you plan to get there. Looking forward to reading about your plans. And maybe we can even help each other.

xarah signature

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