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June 11th, 2011 by Xarah

bild-7I did it again, I played one more with the board game the other day and several times online since the last time (and today of course). It’s really a lot of fun and it blows away any tiredness (found that out yesterday).

Online I often leave the rat race, with the board game, this time no one was able to leave. We didn’t have enough time, the restaurant was closing. I would love to play it on a Sunday afternoon, with kinda open end.

So, after reading Rich Dad Poor Dad and another book by Robert Kiyosaki, I felt eager to buy my first real estate. And I even got a call from someone! So I thought, the universe is aligning itself for me to invest in my first propriety and start increasing my cashflow.

It turned out though since I don’t have any capital that the whole deal would have become way too expensive and more importantly, no one would have paid that kind of rent (me not even making a dime).

Then Roland (the cashflow team leader) gave me another book by Robert K “Business School”, in which he talks about Network Marketing. Even though he has his riches not made by or with a Network Marketing business he has a unique outlook. And he says if he had to start over it would be with Network Marketing.

  • Have you own business
  • Small risk
  • Small start up costs (if any)
  • not difficult to learn (earn while you learn)
  • increase your cashflow and passive income
  • no worries about real estate ups and downs
  • help others

Of course like in any new endeaver you have to be ready to learn or you burn. Hehehe, that rimes, ok, maybe it’s not grammatically perfect but it rimes hehehe.

Anyway, I’m glad I have found my company. Maybe so have you. Good for you. You are moving now slowly but surely from the left side of the quadrant to the right side (in both meanings of the word). Still, play the cashflow game and learn about expenses, income, assets and liabilities.

If you have not found your company yet, you might want to take a look at mine. If you are a happy person who is excitable and ready to learn, get back to me and we see if we are a match as businesspartners.

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  • Patsy j Payne writes:
    June 20th, 20117:05 pmat

    What an awesome integration of recreation and online activities. You mixed the two very well, Unless I was paying attention I wouldn’t have seen the transition. I also am now motivated to purchase my Kendall for reading.
    I have found a game on facebook that is reinforcing my social skills and investments. I love it.

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