Arriving in New York
February 3rd, 2010 by Xarah

globeArriving in New York we had to go through security – again. The line was impossibly long but I met a couple and we talked about movies. I think on one of the pillars there was a TV and it aired a commercial for Avatar and we kinda started to talk about it.

That guy knew a lot about movies but he would not admit that he had anything to do with that industry. Oh, well. We had a nice chat during our wait and that’s better than starring holes into the air.

The reason why it takes so long is: they scan your passport; take fingerprints of both thumbs and all 4 fingers of both hands, plus take a photo. Mine must be looking goofy because it kinda scared me. The US government finally is able to fingerprint and photograph each and every person who enters the country! Pretty smart of them!

Next thing to do was to find my next gate. Zurich Airport is big but this one is huge! I actually walked passed my gate because I was busy looking around. I was looking at a “restaurant” called Wok and Roll and just thought what a great name and contemplating do I have time or hunger to get something there. Then came the gates and mine was not there even though I walked all the way to the end.

I walked back, bought some water and figured it certainly could not have gone lost or been stolen and then I found my gate – vis à vis the Wok & Roll place but there were not many people there. So I figured I was early and had time to open my notebook. Now that I write that, I ask my self if I did not look at the time and at the boarding time on my ticket.

Suddenly I heard a voice calling people … for boarding … for my plane! I got up and wanted to ask if it’s time to board already and was asked instead if my name was pronounce correctly. I said, I don’t know, I didn’t hear my name but the call for my flight. After looking at my boarding pass I was ushered through.

There, I almost missed my plane *duh* and I always thought what kind of people miss their planes and have to be called? Well, now I’m almost one of them LOL

We got to watch videos or follow the plane and for a while we were chasing the day/night border. I think I watched Bolt. Couldn’t figure out how the games worked. I was glad I bought a bottle of water, though we did get water and other drinks, I was just so thirsty. Flying makes me thirsty.

day-nightFor the longest time chased the day/night line.

I arrived at LAX in Los Angeles at 7 pm local time. Finding my suitcase and getting out of the airport was done quickly. Outside were lots of cars and Shuttles. I think I had to wait for about 10 minutes or so for the shuttle for my hotel. Other people had to wait longer. The shuttle took me smoothly to the Marriott hotel.

How long have I been up? I have no idea. Got up at 5.30 am CET and got to bed around 8 pm PST. You do the math LOL

Sweet dreams

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