February 3rd, 2010 by Xarah

cloudsFinally getting to my gate for the flight they had curtains set up before the seating area and again I had to answer those questions and then the guy pointed me to the right. The guy in front of me he had pointed to the left. I was wondering what that was all about. I would find out in a minute.

There was a table. Behind my table there was a woman. Behind the other table on the left there was a man. Duh.

I was to place my backpack on it and open it. She took a look at my computer and I asked her if she wanted me to open it to proof it works. She denied. Next I had to stand in front of the table with legs and arms spread wide and she ran a device over my limbs also ran her hands over arms and legs. And felt around my neck to look at my necklace. I felt like in one of those movies. Hehehe.

Another wait was awaiting. Those „incidences“ help to pass the time so I didn’t mind much – after I got through without much problems.

In the plane I had a no neighbor, which was nice, ‘cause I could spread wide. We had these little screens in the back of the seats and we could watch TV, play games or listen to music. I had a book with me and my netbook, I prefer to read some fanfiction and started a little list of things to remember when traveling (to a Xena Convention) because I started to think of things I forgot. Nothing vital though.

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