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May 18th, 2009 by Xarah

I have a Dream

Who hasn’t, right? My dream is to live in a so called Balance Loft.

And my girlfriend not have to go to work any more. To go to the Maldives over Christmas/New Year. And to just explore life. There must be more than working… so


124073_452_1248337219My name is Xarah

I’m Swiss and not sure what I am. Am I an internet marketer, a network marketer, an affiliate marketer, a direct seller, a blogger, a content creator? Still trying to figure it out. LOL. I work from home, I’m not married, got no kids, but two cats. I’m a networker at heart and a hard core nutball Xenite.


You know how networkers try to get more leads, sell more and recruit more? You know how many shy away from blogging? Mostly because they don’t know how to set one up. It can take several weeks maybe months. There is so much to learn and to do. Domaine, Hosting, the Look. A header. What the heck are widgets or plugins? For me it’s a breeze. I can set up a WordPress blog within 2 hours. But I know a lot of people cannot. And they might not have the cash to pay someone to do it.

Well, I found a solution that helps people starting to blog within the hour, no techie knowledge needed and start getting their first leads. Start blogging about their company, products and the result they are having. And adding a way to get leads and another income stream to their existing business (no matter what it is).

In today’s market, people want connections before anything before joining someone or buying something. People want to know you are real, that your family is real, that you are the ideal person to work with. Besides with a blog you reach more people, your target market. – Proof: you are here reading this 🙂

People who are looking for something, a solution to their problems, may end up on your blog, see your posts, get to know you, join you.

I blog here and with Empower Network, which it’s a blogging platform but then much more. Without going into all the details, it’s the easiest way to get someone setup with blog, where you can write or video about whatever you want, i.e. your company, drive traffic from that content ranking on Google, build a list of leads and recruit into the business or program of your choice.

Would you like to take a look at exactly what Empower is and how it can help you grow your business?

Passive Income

I believe a passive income is the only way to leave the rat race as the game Cashflow by Robert Kyiosaki teaches.

The best example of a passive income I heard the other day.
The grand-father had bought some land in California. Disney later built his World (or Land) next to it. Grand-father made a parking lot out of this patch of land. He has now thousands of $$ coming in every day. Now, that is pure passive income!

With Empower we all can do the same. Help others grow their business and generate a passive income. Month after month.

What am I?

Am I an internet marketer, a network marketer, an affiliate marketer, a direct seller, a blogger, a content creator?

I don’t know, maybe all of the above. I just love what I do.


– Skype (Mac and PC)
– Mac
– Health (Free Radicals and Anti-Oxidants)
– Chocolate (made my first truffels)
– Animoto Videos
– Dreamweaver
– WordPress
– SEO Blogging
– Generating leads
– Driving traffic


– My Xena Fanfiction websites
– Reading and writing – Fanfiction
– Painting candles
– Singing (choir)
– Garden

Thank you for stopping by.

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