A Toe In The I-Quadrant
March 19th, 2018 by Xarah

Can you have a toe in the I-Quadrant?

You know, I’ve been playing the Cashflow game for several years now, online and offline, and yet, I am not financially free yet. How come?

The other day I had a sudden thought: I was looking for a $1 deal. And I thought I had found it – several times. And while in the game, when you do get the $1 deal card, you are out of the rat race (unless you only buy a handful), it’s just a matter of time.

In real life, those “$1” deals never turned out to anything substantial ;-(

I am reading now the Cashflow Quadrant book and almost at the same time somebody shared an opportunity with me, which puts me in the B and the I Quadrant fields. Well, at least with a toe LOL

I-Quadrant Field

I’m a member of this angel investing club now. They invest in young an promising startups. I pay a small monthly fee. And I get weekly shares for free. This is my toe in the I-quadrant field.

The club also has – very smart of them – a 5 level deep affiliate plan. BTW do you know that Amazon has an affiliate plan? They do, but only 1 level deep, and the cookie is only good for 30 days. And there are thousands of other affiliates – big competition.

Anyway. Here, we not only get 5 level deep commissions every month, people also don’t leave after a couple of months because they understand the importance of the I-quadrant. And you are no competition to me if you start telling your friends about it. I actually do hope you do so 🙂

Here you have your B-quadrant field.

What else can I tell you? That’s about it. Click on the image and put your Name and Email address into the fields for more information. Watch the video. Get back to me and let’s get you started in the I-Quadrant field, too!

To your growing Cashflow days!
– Xarah

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