3-Way Calls
March 1st, 2014 by Xarah

Do 3-Way Calls still work?

Yes, they do, and also, they don’t if you do them for a while. I’ll tell you why in a minute. I also show you a way out of the phone trap when you are ready.


3-Way Calls Work

It was late night. He was in the basement with his best friend, playing video games when the phone rang.

It turned out to be a team member who had gotten his grandmother to be on the call with him, another of the countless 3-way calls he was doing day in and day out.

He did his usual thing and grandmother joined.

He hung up and his friend turned to him saying: Dude, I quit.

See, his friend had also joined his business. And now, after he heard him close successfully someone, actually witnessing success he decided to quit!


Why 3-Way Calls Don’t Work

Because he had joined the business because he believed eventually he would get more than money, that he would get more time, time freedom. So he could play video games all day or what ever his heart desired.

He simply could not see himself, being on the phone all day and as we all just witnessed night.

He hadn’t even started yet but he knew he certainly didn’t want to be on the phone when his team members “needed” him.

Our friend suddenly woke up.

See, he’s been doing these 3-way calls which are rather genious and work rather well for quit a while now, and closing a lot of people for his team and himself.

What happened was his team members, growing daily, used his skills of talking and closing instead of learning it themselves.

Well, it was easier and faster. Right. We all would do the same.

But he was on the phone 24/7.

All the while earning about $5000 per month.

That’s not a lot of money for not having time freedom anymore.

Can you relate?

3-Way Calls Kill Time Freedom

It’s been 5-6 years now that I was introduced to 3-way calls for the first time.

The concept of having your prospects talk to a leader or at least seamingly a leader and thus being more open to listen then when you – especially when new – tell them about the business and/or products.

I totally digged the concept. There was only one slight problem.

The 3 Way Call Challenge

My challenge was and still is: I’m in Europe. My sponsor was in the states. By the way, I did not join through a 3-way call.

2 things held me back:

1) Can I really call my sponsor any time of the day just because I happen to have an interested person on the phone – who incidentally also spoke English? What will I do with an interested person if they did not speak English or were shy to speak English?

2) Do I really want to be available myself for a phone call all the time just because a team member of mine had an interested person on the line? Will I be able to do what my sponsor or upline can do so well?

It certainly was a challenge but I managed to find time slots that were good for all 3 of us and had my sponsor (or was it his upline?) do a 3-way call. Several times even.

Did my prospects join? No.

Of course, you say, you need more than a couple of such phone calls. More prospects. Naturally.

But it was such a hassle to find a time for all 3 parties… more over I started more and more to think about having to do 3-way calls for my team and I shuddered.

I started looking for other ways to build the business.

No More 3-Way Calls

When I heard Dave’s story which I told you above I could totally relate and I knew this could have been me. And I was grateful I didn’t have to go through that.

By the way, after his friend quit, he threw away his phone. He stopped doing 3-way calls from one day to the other. And so did his whole team.

Yet, amazingly enough, his group grew.

Wonder if everybody got freed up and thus the team grew?

What about you? Do you do 3-way calls? Or did you find this page because you wanted to learn more about 3-way calls? Are you disappointed now?

Are you doing 3-way calls and are sick and tired of it because you realize yourself that you don’t own your time anymore?

I mean, we got into this industry because we don’t want to be 9to5ers. We had so many plans and ideas what to do we ourselves and our time… can you still see your dreams?

What happened? Were did our time freedom go?

We have to get it back!

How to get out of the 3-way call trap

The way to get out of the 3-way call trap, or the weekly (I hope not daily) coaching calls is to have a system in place.

A system where you can plug your team members in. Where they can learn about how to prospect, how to market, how to close, on their terms, in their time frame while you are at the beach or climbing mountains.

This is vitally important for new people. How can they coach their new people? Only by relying on you. And whoosh there goes your freedom.

Having a system, with education in place (and by the way an awesome pay plan) they can go out there, tell their friends (if they want to) or simply learn to utilize the internet to build their business gain back their own time and money freedom.

They can use this system to earn extra money and learn how to promote their other business without you having to hold their hands all the time.

Can I hear a sounding “Win-Win” shout?

Because I know by now you are pretty excited by the view of getting your time back and only have to do calls, webinars or hangouts when you want, I’d like to invite you to click this link, watch the video and just click the join button.

Next tell your team. They are save here. I’m sure they will love the idea to get their time freedom back, leave the phone trap and be able to enjoy their life more.

As I said, that’s why we all got into this industry, didn’t we?

Now you know that 3-way calls work and how. And also why 3-way calls don’t work eventually. More over, now you know there is a way out of the 3-way trap.

After you join, don’t be surprised though if I call you 🙂 I don’t have to but I’d like to get to know you better.

Leave the 3-way call trap here.
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Our motto: Drop the phone and pick up the check

Having fun while building a business. Work from home. Xarah Dax

Having fun while building a business

Xarah Dax

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