How To Move iPhone Video Files To Your Mac
Dec 18th, 2014 by Xarah

move iphone files to mac


How To Move iPhone Video Files To Your Mac

in order to edit them, or to save them on an extral drive.

This is how my business partner Mike Hobbs does it:

Are you having difficulties getting the video files off of your iPhone and onto your MAC computer to edit in ScreenFlow?  This tutorial will help!

  1. Connect the iPhone to the computer through the USB Cable (the one you use to load the batteries).
  2. Go to the finder area.  Click on Applications and select “Image Capture.” (Though not everybody has this app. I for instance don’t have it)
  3. Choose your iPhone and select the video file to import.
  4. Open ScreenFlow and insert the file you just imported.

ScreenFlow is powerful, easy-to-use screencasting software for the Mac. With ScreenFlow you can record the contents of your entire monitor while also capturing your video camera, microphone and your computer audio. The easy-to-use editing interface lets you creatively edit your video, and add additional images, text, music and transitions for a truly professional-looking video.

Maybe “Image Captures comes with ScreenFlow. I don’t know because I don’t have ScreenFlow – yet.

I use iMovie and Screen-o-Matic for screen-capture videos. But since that is not the topic of this blog post… :-)

Another Way to Move Your iPhone Files to Your Mac

When I plug my iPhone to my Mac, iPhoto automatically opens. It could be that when I did that the first time I was asked if I always wanted this action to happen.

Now I select the file or the files and click on import. I usually click on delete pictures which makes them delete on my iPhone.

Under “last import” I can see what I just imported to my Mac. I select them and move them (drag and drop) to a folder. That one was a toughie for the longest time. I couldn’t figure out where my imported pictures and videos were at this point. Until one day I just tried to drag and drop.


Next of course import to iMovie and edit the movie there, add images, music, background sounds. Or just use as is.

Little iPhone Tricks

The little trick Mike shows with the buttons is pretty clever, makes it easier to either shoot a picture or a video.

Hope this blog post was helpful. Let me know in the comments.

from Xarah with Love

PS: While writing this blog post I was scrolling through my content on my iPhone and found tons of pictures and videos. From my garden, from our national day, from my niece’s wedding… eventually I’m going to have to download them LOL

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Sponsor Without Phonecalls or Paid Traffic
Dec 11th, 2014 by Xarah

How-sponsor-without-phone-callsHow To Sponsor 3-10 People Daily With No Phone Calls and No Paid Traffic

Don’t get me wrong, I am not sponsoring 3-10 people daily – yet. Still learning :-)

Who do you learn from? Obviously from somebody who is doing it. Let me share David’s hangout with you.

  • He’s not doing phone calls, no 3-way calls
  • He does not chase people
  • He blogs
  • He does webinars and hangouts
  • He developped some kind of mojo :-)

I am blogging. I’m not doing webinars and hangouts on a regular basis yet. And I am working on developping my own mojo :-)

Watch the video below. Leave a comment. And if you are not in Empower Network yet, you can join here now.

One of those videos to watch more than once, eh?

The reason why I want to have an online business, digital versus tangible, is because I – and I’m sure so do you, we want to live our dreams. And I want to work where ever I want and when ever I want.

Who wants to chase friends and family? I don’t.

Who wants to be on the phone all the time? I surely don’t.

Your time has come, discover a world you probably never thought possible.

Congratulations on making a decision to get started right now.

See you on the inside.

from Xarah with Love

Do you want  to learn more? Learn more skills and become the person Dave talks about
to ensure your success!

You can do this by clicking on the image below and getting the best education available online.


Stay at home ‘mum’ earns $51,128.52
Dec 5th, 2014 by Xarah

This is literally her dream come true.

You have to see this to believe it so let
me start with the income proof below:


As you can see above she just had her very
best week earning $13,513.10 in income using
this system to do it.

(Sarita’s results are not typcial. Your results will vary.
See income disclosure here.)

sarita-kids-testimonial-ipasSarita is a stay at home ‘Mum’ of 2 from Perth Australia.

She first got started working with us using this system
in February of this year.

Her dream was not going back to work so she wouldn’t miss out on her children’s lives.

Now today 10 months later she’s earning more
money then she has ever dreamed possible.

Sarita’s story goes to show you…

With a strong big reason why, and the right
system you can achieve what many would
consider “The Impossible.”

I am so proud of Sarita for having the tenacity
to follow her dreams because now she’s positively
impacting the lives of thousands of others.

This is what our worldwide freedom-movement
is all about.

“Changing peoples lives”

In life it’s all about timing and taking massive
action accordingly and there couldn’t be a better
time than right now to MAKE IT HAPPEN.

This is the system we are using to move mountains
in this industry right now.

Consider this your personal invite to join us
and our winning tribe :)

from Xarah with Love

Mobile Shopping Can Increase Direct Sales
Dec 4th, 2014 by Xarah



Mobile Shopping Can Increase Direct Sales

Did you know? Your home business customers shop with their smartphone. Question: is your business iPhone-friendly? Many network marketers are still trying to bring their businesses into the digital age by opening e-stores that cater to internet shoppers who shop from their home.

As it usually happens, however, customers are way ahead of entrepreneurs who operate network marketing businesses.

Internet shoppers are not only buying from their home, they are researching products and comparing prices on the fly with their iPhones, Androids and BlackBerry Curves.

Mobile Shopping Can Increase Zurich Direct SalesThis is good news for network marketers because it allows us to compete even more effectively with traditional local retail sellers.

Creative direct sellers will use the same methods the big guns use to drive sales. If group bartering, limited-time text sales, and special Facebook deals work for national retailers, why can’t network marketers use them to sell products and recruit team members?

Perhaps the next cool mobile selling strategy will come from the network marketing community.

I am Xarah Dax. I am currently building my residual income network with a variety of methods: old school and cutting edge. If you need a mentor for your home based business, I would love to help you succeed.

I will make sure you avoid the common mistakes new direct sellers often make. Don’t waste your time with trial and error, use my proven methods for home business success.

Click here (or on one of the images) and watch the video, fill out the form and I’ll see you on the inside.


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Glossary of Success
Dec 3rd, 2014 by Xarah

glossary of success

Glossary of Success

Are you considering starting your first MLM business? Then is it helpful to understand basic direct selling jargon.

empowernetwork-banner-free-videoAffiliate: A participant in a network marketing company. Affiliates are also called consultants, independent distributors, associates, and representatives.

Auto-Ship: An automatic shipment (usually monthly) of products. Auto-ship benefits the customer who doesn’t have to remember to place a new order every month.

Auto-ship makes it unnecessary for the distributor to store a lot of inventory in their home.

Compensation Plan: The structure which determines how distributors are paid from their own sales and earn residual income from the sales of the distributors in their downline.

Downline: The people who make up your MLM network. This includes entrepreneurs you recruited or sponsored, (your frontline) and the distributors recruited by the people in your frontline, and so on down the line.

A distributor’s downline is arranged vertically by legs and horizontally by levels. Your frontline is the first level. All the recruits under one person in your frontline is a leg.

Fast Start Bonus: A one-time compensation designed to reward new distributors who start expanding their home and online businesses shortly after joining. This is not available at every Network Marketing company.

Network Marketing: Any business which allows participants to sell products or services directly to customers. Most direct marketing companies also allow participants or distributors, to recruit additional distributors. Network marketing is also called multi-level marketing (MLM), referral marketing, and direct selling.

Distributors earn income from their own sales and also from the sales of their recruits.

Residual Income: Repeating payments earned from work done one time. Some examples: a writer who receives royalties on an e-book sold on an online marketplace. A successful investor who receives stock dividends. Network Marketing is one of the best ways to create residual income streams without having to invest a lot of money up front.

Now you have learned the most important terms in MLM. Now it’s time to ask some questions, like: how much will you earn in your MLM company. Generally a traditional MLM company pays out 50% to the field but that does not mean YOU get paid 50%. You’ll probably get paid 5-10%. You can easily do the math now: how much money do you want to earn? And how many distributors/customers do you need to reach that goal?

Here’s another question I have for you: wouldn’t you rather get paid 70% commissions? Wouldn’t you rather use a system that can help build your new MLM business?

Click here and watch the video, listen closely what these people are saying about this system. Do you want to be part of it? Then fill out the form and I’ll see you inside!

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How to Setup a Facebook Fanpage
Dec 2nd, 2014 by Xarah

how to setup facebook fanpages

How to Setup a Facebook Fanpage / Business Page

A lot of people “only” have a Facebook personal profile.

If you have any kind of business or are a networker or affiliate you might want to consider setting up your Facebook business page (formerly known as Fanpage).

Let me introduce you to Mike Hobbs, one of my business mentors. He shows you step by step on how to set up your own page on Facebook.

I myself have several “fanpages”, several business pages and one real FANPAGE :-) and yet, I did learn something from the video. Settings :-)

If you liked this tip, leave a comment below – and go to my fanpage and like it.

Send me a message with the link to your new fanpage so I can give you back a like.

And this is my newest, this one is not about me but about the topic

Financial Education

Want to know how I generate leads, sales and make money on the Internet?
Click Here to watch this video.

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Think Big
Nov 30th, 2014 by Xarah


Unpacking the traits of who can and should be an entrepreneur

time to think bigIn the words of the successful entrepreneur Donald Trump, “You have to think anyway, so why not think big?”

If you consider “thinking” and “thinking big” synonymous, entrepreneurship just may be in the cards for your future.

When making a good living just isn’t enough and the desire to do something “big” emerges, consider entrepreneurship. Consider entrepreneurship to make a statement, and leave your mark on the world.

Take off that suit jacket, pack up your cubicle, rekindle your passion and let your imagination soar!

Finally take that idea you’ve had for ages and invent it before someone else does. The time has come to turn your passion into action.

>>>>Passion is essential<<<<—without it life is meaningless. Anyone with the vision and motivation to turn a passion into something tangible and useful can, and should, pursue entrepreneurialism.

This attitude warrants the willingness to go the extra 10 miles without the assurance of ever actually getting anywhere and the realization that it isn’t going to be easy, but it’s going to be worth it.

A potential entrepreneur must exhibit a few quintessential characteristics. First, a successful entrepreneur knows when enough is enough and when to “just say no.”

They understand and accept that you’re going to win some, you’re going to lose some and sometimes you have to “lose the battle to win the war.”

Second, when things don’t always go “as planned,” which they almost never do, flexibility and adaptability to change become imperative. Positive reactions to twists of fate separate successful entrepreneurs from their unsuccessful counterparts.

If you succeed as an entrepreneur, good for you—buy a yacht and hashtag it. Just be aware that the moment you trample on people to get what you want, or use unethical tactics to accomplish your entrepreneurial goals, you’re not an entrepreneur anymore.

Greediness has made you a tyrant.

In case you’ve never picked up a history book, tyrants are more than usually overthrown. Power-hungry individuals, or entrepreneur wannabes, should either check their attitudes or pursue a vocation other than entrepreneurship.

All that to say, being an entrepreneur is not about gaining as much power as possible or crushing everyone who gets in your way, it’s about positively affecting the world through innovative ideas that invigorate and excite people.

It’s about having a clear vision, a level head and a passion for whatever you work toward—so much that money is never the motivation, rather the motivation lies within the innovation itself.

Appreciate you all,

Thanks to the EN team for this inspiring article.


from Xarah with Love

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Pillow Fight
Nov 27th, 2014 by Xarah

Pillow Fight Prank

For once a funny prank!

I am actually really surprised how many took that pillow and fought back.

Cudos to the guy for getting arrest for a pillow fight. That policeman did not have any humor. LOL

from Xarah with Love

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Richwoman Club in Frauenfeld Nov 19 2014
Nov 20th, 2014 by Xarah

richwoman cashflow club

I went to Frauenfeld last night to the RichWoman Cashflow Club. We were 4 women and 1 guy and played the Cashflow game. We had a lot of fun – could have been the Champagne… LOL

The guy and one of the gals I know from the Master Finance course I’m taking in order to educate ourselves on finances and investment. The other was the owner of the club and her mother.

Playing Cashflow helps with understand your financial situation

We all were able to leave the rat race after playing 1,5 hours but the the lady who was also the banker. She would have, too, would have just needed a bit more time.

The guy, Thomas, left the rat race before all of us and was able to run on the fast track a couple of dice throws. Ruth, then Natalie, than me announced we were out. Practically together. Then the alarm rang. I entered the fast track with half a million.

You just need a few good opportunities and not give up

kim kiyosaki richwoman cashflow gameI had bought a couple of houses and was able to sell them with $50K profit. Suddenly I had 100K cash and bought businesses, a Carwash, a Pizza chain, a Sandwich chain. I even bought the 20ha land. Because I was an engineer in the game I knew I had to have large income (passive income) producing opportunities.

One of the opps I bought from Thomas because he could not afford it – yet. He later made a lot of money by selling some of this properties.

It doesn’t matter what you start with

Of course I had a bigger monthly cashflow than most of the others. So I bought stuff from others who didn’t have the money to buy it.

One of the girls was down at 20 bucks monthly cashflow. The guy who had left at that time the rat race gave her 40k to buy a bigger item so she could pay back her bank credits (even needed a bank credted because she was unemployed a couple of times). And that’s what brought her out of the rat race.

I had whispered to her to get a big deal when it was her term and when she ends up on the deal field because the last coupld of times I ended up on getting a kid, cashflow day or market. I whispered if I’d like the deal I’d buy it from her.

Learning by Playing the Cashflow Game

What I learned: sometimes you need other people to help you change your life and your outlook. In her case, she needed somebody who believed in her and gave her the money. She could have given him back the money right after she entered the rat race. Piece of cake.

Sometimes we need some “luck”, to find a good opportunity, to find the right people to join your business (who have the money to invest into their new business and education). But, even though Ruth, Nicole and Natalie were unemployed several times in the game, they all made it.

Never give up your dreams

At one point, when she was down at 20 bucks on Cashflow days, Natalie almost wanted to give up but we helped her to stay in the game, to keep up hope. And see what happened!

Playing this game Cashflow is a good start to learn about money, investing – and about yourself.

This is what I use in real life to get out of the rat race:

Eventually I will learn about investing in stocks and real estate in order to move over to the right side of the Cashflow quadrant. I just watched a german webinar. The guy does weekend workshop where we can learn to invest in stocks and what to look out for. I want to take this course (in Hamburg) next year. It’s not as scary as I thought it is.

Check out the video on my page. Let’s thrive together!

from Xarah with Love

Have you played the game yet? Or are you going to find a club in your area after reading this article? Leave a comment below.


Will You Wait… And Let It Slip Through Your Fingers?
Nov 19th, 2014 by Xarah


If you’re like how I used to be, you take too long making decisions.

In business, they call it “analysis paralysis”.

You add all the pros and cons.

You think of every possible outcome, and analyze everything.

You wait so long to make a decision, by the time you do, the
outcome is worth less than if you’d have just gone with your

Go with your gut and leverage off my system <<<

I’ve literally handed you my Million Dollar Secret and now the important question is…

What will you do with it?

Will you capitalize on it or let it pass you by?

Success testimonials are coming in so fast that it’s hard to keep up with them.

Don’t take my word for it, however read them for yourself right here on this new page <<<

NOTE: You can still test drive my entire done

for you marketing system 100% risk free.

Go here to see for yourself why you cannot afford to
let this revolutionary system slip through your fingers.

To Your Life Style Dream,

from Xarah with Love


P.S. Now that I have crossed the 20K Dollar milestone
my next personal target is becoming a 6-figure earner
within the next 12 months.

How will I accomplish this? By creating more
success stories than this industry has ever seen.

In fact that’s the only way for us to hit our target.

We already have a couple team members well on
their way to hitting their first million dollars…

But I want you to know this…

We are here for the LONG HAUL.

Our vision is creating 111 Millionaires within
this system as well as more 6 figure income
earners then we can count.

At this point it’s NOT all about the money, however
to the contrary it’s about the person you must grow
to become in order to achieve those targets.

My only question for you is…

“Are you running with us?”

If you answered YES then stop procrastinating
and let’s get to work.

P.P.S. Our results are not typcial and neither are we.
Success requires leadership, dedication and hard work.

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