10 Grammar Mistakes To Avoid
Jan 16th, 2015 by Xarah

English is not my first language but I always want to understand and use it better. So here are some grammar lessons. Most of it is a lesson to me and if you get something out of it even better :-)
  1. Thou Shalt Not Freak Out Over Prepositions

    A preposition is the wrong thing to end a sentence with. But not really: Most of us don’t speak so stiffly that we’d say, “Grammar lovers are a group of which I’d like to be a part.” It’s cool to say, “Grammar lovers…they’re a group I’d like to be part of.” According to Patricia T. O’Conner, author of Woe Is I, the rule probably stems from the word’s meaning: “preposition” means “position before.” (She also notes that both Milton and Shakespeare ended plenty of sentences with prepositions and they did pretty well for themselves…)

  2. Thou Shalt Stop Saying “Should Of”

    It’s “should have” as in, “I should have paid more attention to my kindly English comp teacher.” (Same goes for “could of” and “would of.”)

    This one I see a lot from native English speakers and always wondered. Now I know which one is correct :-)

  3. Thou Shalt Not Let Your Participles Dangle

    Hook your participial phrase to the right wagon, as in “Filled with rotting corpses, the wagon made its morbid way through the center of town.” If the corpses are in the wagon, you keep the phrase near the wagon. “The wagon made its morbid way through the center of town filled with rotting corpses,” is a totally different thing. (And, worst vacation spot ever.)
  4. Thou Shalt Not Abuse Quotation Marks

    It’s not “homemade” jam. It’s just… homemade jam. People seem to put quotes around a word they want to emphasize, but it’s wrong. Underline or italicize if you must.
  5. Thou Shalt Honor the Compound Adjectives

    The hyphen is your friend, your tried-and-true friend. If you’re modifying a noun with a series of words that are meant go together, you need to link them with hyphens. (There’s a big difference between a “baby eating dingo” and a “baby-eating dingo.”)
  6. Thou Shalt Learn the Difference Between “That” and “Which”

    Use “that” when the phrase that follows is essential to your sentence’s subject (called a restrictive clause, it limits the identity of the subject in some way). Use “which”–separated by a comma–when the subsequent clause can be excluded without messing with meaning. Example, “The bike that Jack stole, which had a broken bell, was never reported missing.” More here.

  7. Thou Shalt Use “I” Only as a Subject

    “I” is a nominative pronoun. Whoever made you think it was proper to always say “you and I” was dead wrong. (And maybe dead: that’s old-fashioned.) “Mom took Grace and I to the store” is wrong; it should be “Grace and me.” (If you can’t remember, take out the other part of the compound object: “Mom took I to the store” doesn’t sound so proper, does it?)
  8. Thou Shalt Make Correct Word Choices

    Maybe you’ve mastered “you’re” and “your” or “there,” “their,” and “they’re” but word confusion doesn’t end there. For example, “everyday” is a modifier, meaning commonplace or ordinary (think “everyday Joe”), while “every day” means each day.

    hack image

  9. Thou Shalt Refrain from Double Negatives

    Parse this out: “I don’t want nobody telling me how to write” actually means you DO want someone to give you tips. “Don’t” and “nobody” cancel one another out. If you’re any good at math, remember it this way: when you multiple two negative numbers, you get a positive.
  10. Thou Shalt Literally Ban the Word Literally From Your Vocabulary (Until You Know How To Use It and Even Then Maybe Never)

    If you ever catch yourself saying, “I literally DIED” to a friend, then it’s safe to assume you’re a ghost. In this case, literally means you’re dead. “Figuratively” is the correct word to go with, though it doesn’t pack the same punch in claiming you’ve died. Best to just say, “I almost died.” (Much more poetic and mysterious if you trail off at the end, too…)

batman-grammar-mistakesThe other day I corrected an british man.

It was my Tuesday morning (early morning like 8 am) Entrepreneur Meetup group. After the meeting and most people had already left, I was chatting with Maria.

James, one of the attendees came over to us, ready to leave and said: “Can I give you my card?”.

And I said: “May I, because you are physically capable of giving us your card. The question is, may you (interrupt us)”.

He had to laugh because he as a native had to be corrected by a non-native english speaker. He said that not me :-)

Of course it was all in good fun. We certainly had good laugh at it.

from Xarah with Love


PS: Leave a comment below. Do you agree? Do you not agree?

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10 Food Hacks To Make Your Life More Fun
Jan 7th, 2015 by Xarah

I was looking for something on my computer and I stumbled over the first 3 of these pictures. I had even saved the site with more food hacks. Unfortunately the website got deleted. So I googled for more and found a lot of really great food hacks. I wanna try the one or the other as soon as possible. I just have to remember to take a picture LOL
  1. No Bowl – No Problem

    Imagine you are working at your computer, or watching a webinar and you have a craving for some pop corn but all your bowls are in the dish-washer.

    hack image

  2. Keep Beer Cold

    This should not only work for beer, and it doesn’t water the drink down.

    hack image

  3. Ice-Cream Split

    This is how you split an ice-cream. Never tried it but I like it because it’s ice-cream.

    hack image

  4. Brilliant Idea For Breakfast

    Let’s have those fried eggs different next sunday brunch

    hack image

  5. Cheesy Bread Hack

    Looking for a finger food party idea? I think this one is perfect and even if somebody cannot cook, they can make this cheesy bread.

    hack image

  6. Corn Hack

    I think this is pretty genious. Not only use an electric knife und use a bundt cake pan to collect the corn. Hu!

    hack image

  7. Cheese Sticks Made Easy

    This is one I wanna definitely do. Next time I cook veggy soup we’ll have these cheese sticks.

    hack image

  8. Dental Floss to cut soft solids

    I’d probably want to use dental floss without “taste” LOL but what a great idea. Dental floss on the shopping list

    hack image

  9. How to remove eggshell pieces

    Make your fingers wet before removing shell pieces

    hack image

  10. How to Shape a chocolate bowl

    Of course we need a chocolate related food hack here :-)

    Use a balloon to shape a chocolate bowl.

    hack image

I bet you enjoyed these food hacks. It’s so easy to share your favorite food hacks, or recipes or what ever you are passionate about with a blog, especially this blog.

Will you let me know which one was your favorite? Which one are you going to try out? Leave a comment below.

from Xarah with Love


Why New Years Resolutions Don’t Work
Jan 3rd, 2015 by Xarah

Hypnosis Insights with Hypnotist John Cerbone – New Years Resolutions – Special Edition Episode 1

This is a special edition episode of Hypnosis Insights with Hypnotist John Cerbone.

After a question was asked regarding New Years Resolutions. Namely, “why don’t New Years Resolutions work? And what can be done to make New Years resolutions work?

In this episode, Hypnotist John Cerbone answers why resolutions often don’t work, and how the subconscious mind can be brought in and how this year, your resolutions can be harnessed to work in your favor, to improve your life, or the life of someone you love.

Find Instant Hypnosis MP3 Downloads here.

A friend of mine is a hypnotist and knows John Cerbone. Keithanthony does hypnosis sessions via Skype which is great because Skype is free and he can help people from all over the world that way.

Find Keithanthony here.

Did the video with John Cerbone help you understand why your New Years Resolutions most of the time don’t work? Let me know below.

Happy  New Year and an enchanted 2015 to you and your loved ones!




21 Day Blogging Challenge
Jan 2nd, 2015 by Xarah

21 Day Blogging Challenge

21-day-blogging-challengeWhen I first started with Empower Network soon they were talking about a 90 day blogging challenge. Without prizes and nobody „controlled“ whether you did it.

More over, nobody told us to share our blog posts. Back in those days I had not discovered the Facebook groups yet and I don’t think anybody else in the company/team did.

Eventually people did discover the Facebook groups. They even discovered that you can send a 3-line message via email to about 300 groups at once!

Then they shared this strategy and more people started doing it.

Eventually Facebook black listed and banned the Empower Network domain. Though I recently discovered the banning was lifted.

Now, there are syndication groups, more and more you have to comment on other people’s blogs in order to share your blog which I think is a really good idea. I did the same for my syndication group.

For one you get to see other peoples blogs (the layout and all) and for the other you see what kind of content they share, what kind of call to action they use.

Especially for a beginner that’s awesome, if you see something you like, you can use it (steal, model…). And it gives you ideas.

Comments are key nowadays for ranking on mighty Google. But they should be related to the blog post. All those spammy comments I get on my (your ordinary WordPress blog with a really old theme but I like it so I’m keeping it as long as it works) are no use. So I rather delete them. But at least it tells me that particular blog post got indexed on Google :-)

21 Day Blogging Challenge

After about 2 years I think I had about 600 blog posts. But no comments. No wonder, eh?

I started last year in December to be more active in those syndication groups. Commenting on 3-5 blog posts and now also getting comments. Getting read, you know?

Now, this new 21 day blogging challenge that started on the 29th, or the 31st – depending whom you ask – is different. There is a group specifically for this (though it seems people are only posting the link and not commenting).

Apparently the new Kalatu blogging platform is counting the posts, too.

I’m still on the old „Blogbeast“ so there is no counting. Only I count :-)

The question is, should I start a new blog for this, with a new topic? Or just pick one of the half dozen that I already have (on the same platform), or my Xarahsblog?

For now I’m posting winter pics on this blog here. But I also have a passion blog: Xena Warrior Princess (a TV show in the 90ties). Even though the show has been off the air (but for reruns) for over 15 years, the community is still going strong. And have annual events. Though the rumor has it, this year (February) is going to be the last one. But then, the organizers said the same 4-5 years ago.

Anyway, I have added some content to that blog but not regularly. I’ve decided to use my passion blog for the 21 day challenge and add every day something. Music videos. Pictures from my trip to New Xeland and visit of the set. I just have to go hunt those pics down. LOL

The trip happened in the last century, pre-digitized and pre-smartphone times. Hm, where did I put those pictures….

But I also want to add content to this here blog, maybe every other day.

Let’s see how that goes.

I’ve read an ebook about the amazing traffic vortex, I guess that’ll be the next post to write about. Interesting concept.

Thanks for reading and commenting :-)

Cheers, Xarah

PS: If you don’t have an Empower blog yet, click here to get one, try it for $7 bucks now. Non-techy people love it. Even techy people like it. And the new blogging platform is probably going to blow me out of my warm cozy socks. The issue is not you already having a blog, the issue is, is it making you money yet?

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It’s OK To Fail
Dec 22nd, 2014 by Xarah



82% of the people who do graduate never work in the profession or field they went to college for.

They fail.

Sad truth.

In this industry, network marketing, affiliate marketing, direct sales, it’s ok to fail. You know? It’s not ok to give up your dreams, by the way, just wanted to throw that in :-)

It’s ok to “fail” and join another business and try it there.

It’s ok to have been in more than one deal.

Dave W wandered Walmart to find people to join his Amway business for 3,5 years! Because his upline kept telling him, talk to just one more person when ever he asked them what to do to become successful.

After 3,5 years wandering Walmart he could count 15 people in his team.

After 3,5 years having 15 people in your team is not a lot and it also does not pay a lot in a traditional network marketing deal.

It looks like he failed, doesn’t it?

What a great and cheep education though that was!

Only a few years ago, he had discovered the internet and now earns more a month than his entire extended family of over 30 people – every month.

Good thing he quit wandering Walmart, eh? And it makes for a good story.

Remember, this is an education industry. We, the good students, who are constantly open to learning will eventually be rich. Hopefully rich with money but certainly rich with knowledge and experiences.

So, what’s easier, wandering around, talking to people or studying?

Frankly, wandering around is retarded and repels the very people you want to bring into the business.

Yet, still to this day this method is being taught. Not by me though and not by the leaders in this my company.

Of course it still works – for the people who like wandering around. But what about the people who get told to wander around, talk to everybody still breathing even though they could chuck up every time they just think about it – and eventually quit this wonderful industry?

Are you done wandering around?

Ready to learn what Dave did and is doing?

Ready to see what thousands of people are discovering and finally seeing results and success?

Click here an and check it out.

And I’ll see you on the inside.

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How To Move iPhone Video Files To Your Mac
Dec 18th, 2014 by Xarah


How To Move iPhone Video Files To Your Mac

in order to edit them, or to save them on an extral drive.

This is how my business partner Mike Hobbs does it:

Are you having difficulties getting the video files off of your iPhone and onto your MAC computer to edit in ScreenFlow?  This tutorial will help!

  1. Connect the iPhone to the computer through the USB Cable (the one you use to load the batteries).
  2. Go to the finder area.  Click on Applications and select “Image Capture.” (Though not everybody has this app. I for instance don’t have it)
  3. Choose your iPhone and select the video file to import.
  4. Open ScreenFlow and insert the file you just imported.

ScreenFlow is powerful, easy-to-use screencasting software for the Mac. With ScreenFlow you can record the contents of your entire monitor while also capturing your video camera, microphone and your computer audio. The easy-to-use editing interface lets you creatively edit your video, and add additional images, text, music and transitions for a truly professional-looking video.

Maybe “Image Captures comes with ScreenFlow. I don’t know because I don’t have ScreenFlow – yet.

I use iMovie and Screen-o-Matic for screen-capture videos. But since that is not the topic of this blog post… :-)

Another Way to Move Your iPhone Files to Your Mac

When I plug my iPhone to my Mac, iPhoto automatically opens. It could be that when I did that the first time I was asked if I always wanted this action to happen.

Now I select the file or the files and click on import. I usually click on delete pictures which makes them delete on my iPhone.

Under “last import” I can see what I just imported to my Mac. I select them and move them (drag and drop) to a folder. That one was a toughie for the longest time. I couldn’t figure out where my imported pictures and videos were at this point. Until one day I just tried to drag and drop.


Next of course import to iMovie and edit the movie there, add images, music, background sounds. Or just use as is.

Little iPhone Tricks

The little trick Mike shows with the buttons is pretty clever, makes it easier to either shoot a picture or a video.

Hope this blog post was helpful. Let me know in the comments.

from Xarah with Love

PS: While writing this blog post I was scrolling through my content on my iPhone and found tons of pictures and videos. From my garden, from our national day, from my niece’s wedding… eventually I’m going to have to download them LOL

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Sponsor Without Phonecalls or Paid Traffic
Dec 11th, 2014 by Xarah

How-sponsor-without-phone-callsHow To Sponsor 3-10 People Daily With No Phone Calls and No Paid Traffic

Don’t get me wrong, I am not sponsoring 3-10 people daily – yet. Still learning :-)

Who do you learn from? Obviously from somebody who is doing it. Let me share David’s hangout with you.

  • He’s not doing phone calls, no 3-way calls
  • He does not chase people
  • He blogs
  • He does webinars and hangouts
  • He developped some kind of mojo :-)

I am blogging. I’m not doing webinars and hangouts on a regular basis yet. And I am working on developping my own mojo :-)

Watch the video below. Leave a comment. And if you are not in Empower Network yet, you can join here now.

One of those videos to watch more than once, eh?

The reason why I want to have an online business, digital versus tangible, is because I – and I’m sure so do you, we want to live our dreams. And I want to work where ever I want and when ever I want.

Who wants to chase friends and family? I don’t.

Who wants to be on the phone all the time? I surely don’t.

Your time has come, discover a world you probably never thought possible.

Congratulations on making a decision to get started right now.

See you on the inside.

from Xarah with Love

Do you want  to learn more? Learn more skills and become the person Dave talks about
to ensure your success!

You can do this by clicking on the image below and getting the best education available online.


Stay at home ‘mum’ earns $51,128.52
Dec 5th, 2014 by Xarah

This is literally her dream come true.

You have to see this to believe it so let
me start with the income proof below:


As you can see above she just had her very
best week earning $13,513.10 in income using
this system to do it.

(Sarita’s results are not typcial. Your results will vary.
See income disclosure here.)

sarita-kids-testimonial-ipasSarita is a stay at home ‘Mum’ of 2 from Perth Australia.

She first got started working with us using this system
in February of this year.

Her dream was not going back to work so she wouldn’t miss out on her children’s lives.

Now today 10 months later she’s earning more
money then she has ever dreamed possible.

Sarita’s story goes to show you…

With a strong big reason why, and the right
system you can achieve what many would
consider “The Impossible.”

I am so proud of Sarita for having the tenacity
to follow her dreams because now she’s positively
impacting the lives of thousands of others.

This is what our worldwide freedom-movement
is all about.

“Changing peoples lives”

In life it’s all about timing and taking massive
action accordingly and there couldn’t be a better
time than right now to MAKE IT HAPPEN.

This is the system we are using to move mountains
in this industry right now.

Consider this your personal invite to join us
and our winning tribe :)

from Xarah with Love

Mobile Shopping Can Increase Direct Sales
Dec 4th, 2014 by Xarah



Mobile Shopping Can Increase Direct Sales

Did you know? Your home business customers shop with their smartphone. Question: is your business iPhone-friendly? Many network marketers are still trying to bring their businesses into the digital age by opening e-stores that cater to internet shoppers who shop from their home.

As it usually happens, however, customers are way ahead of entrepreneurs who operate network marketing businesses.

Internet shoppers are not only buying from their home, they are researching products and comparing prices on the fly with their iPhones, Androids and BlackBerry Curves.

Mobile Shopping Can Increase Zurich Direct SalesThis is good news for network marketers because it allows us to compete even more effectively with traditional local retail sellers.

Creative direct sellers will use the same methods the big guns use to drive sales. If group bartering, limited-time text sales, and special Facebook deals work for national retailers, why can’t network marketers use them to sell products and recruit team members?

Perhaps the next cool mobile selling strategy will come from the network marketing community.

I am Xarah Dax. I am currently building my residual income network with a variety of methods: old school and cutting edge. If you need a mentor for your home based business, I would love to help you succeed.

I will make sure you avoid the common mistakes new direct sellers often make. Don’t waste your time with trial and error, use my proven methods for home business success.

Click here (or on one of the images) and watch the video, fill out the form and I’ll see you on the inside.


from Xarah with Love


Glossary of Success
Dec 3rd, 2014 by Xarah

glossary of success

Glossary of Success

Are you considering starting your first MLM business? Then is it helpful to understand basic direct selling jargon.

empowernetwork-banner-free-videoAffiliate: A participant in a network marketing company. Affiliates are also called consultants, independent distributors, associates, and representatives.

Auto-Ship: An automatic shipment (usually monthly) of products. Auto-ship benefits the customer who doesn’t have to remember to place a new order every month.

Auto-ship makes it unnecessary for the distributor to store a lot of inventory in their home.

Compensation Plan: The structure which determines how distributors are paid from their own sales and earn residual income from the sales of the distributors in their downline.

Downline: The people who make up your MLM network. This includes entrepreneurs you recruited or sponsored, (your frontline) and the distributors recruited by the people in your frontline, and so on down the line.

A distributor’s downline is arranged vertically by legs and horizontally by levels. Your frontline is the first level. All the recruits under one person in your frontline is a leg.

Fast Start Bonus: A one-time compensation designed to reward new distributors who start expanding their home and online businesses shortly after joining. This is not available at every Network Marketing company.

Network Marketing: Any business which allows participants to sell products or services directly to customers. Most direct marketing companies also allow participants or distributors, to recruit additional distributors. Network marketing is also called multi-level marketing (MLM), referral marketing, and direct selling.

Distributors earn income from their own sales and also from the sales of their recruits.

Residual Income: Repeating payments earned from work done one time. Some examples: a writer who receives royalties on an e-book sold on an online marketplace. A successful investor who receives stock dividends. Network Marketing is one of the best ways to create residual income streams without having to invest a lot of money up front.

Now you have learned the most important terms in MLM. Now it’s time to ask some questions, like: how much will you earn in your MLM company. Generally a traditional MLM company pays out 50% to the field but that does not mean YOU get paid 50%. You’ll probably get paid 5-10%. You can easily do the math now: how much money do you want to earn? And how many distributors/customers do you need to reach that goal?

Here’s another question I have for you: wouldn’t you rather get paid 70% commissions? Wouldn’t you rather use a system that can help build your new MLM business?

Click here and watch the video, listen closely what these people are saying about this system. Do you want to be part of it? Then fill out the form and I’ll see you inside!

from Xarah with Love

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