Xena’s Costume
Jul 25th, 2014 by Xarah

xena constumeIn 2006, Lucy Lawless donated her personal Xena costume to the Museum of American History.

In an interview the same year with Smithsonian magazine, she was asked the question “Was the Warrior Princess outfit comfortable?” and she responded:

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Cashflow Club World Wide
Jul 25th, 2014 by Xarah

Cashflow Clubs Worldwide

I added the Cashflow club where I’m involved with to the Cashflow Club world wide.

If you are in some kind of business, heck even if you are “only” employed, you might want to consider to get some financial education. You can do that easily, very inexpensive and with lots of fun with a Cashflow club.

Click the image above and take a look, maybe there is a club in your city. If not, try Oncle Google or on the Richdad.com website.

Cheers, Xarah

start living your dream

Jul 10th, 2014 by Xarah

Women and Money
Jun 5th, 2014 by Xarah

As a woman, are you financially educated?

Do you have, earn your own money?

This article teaches you some statistics about women and money. In which category do you fall? Ask yourself now. Read below.


I usually don’t like statistics because they are mostly confusing for me, with lots of numbers. And they say only the one who makes the statistics trusts them (or something like that).

In Kim Kiyosaki’s book „Rich Woman“ she mentions on two pages the following statistics which I’d like to share with you because they are scary.

If you are a man, a husband, read them and imagine what could happen to your wife when you are not there anymore. Do you want that to happen to her?

If you are a woman, imagine what would happen when your husband is not there anymore.

If you are a younger woman, in love and thinking marriage is a safe heaven (not condemning marriage, it’s totally up to you *s*) you need to keep these statistics in mind. Talk to your mom about it.

So here it goes:

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Selfie Infographic
Jun 3rd, 2014 by Xarah

A Brief History Of The Selfie

Guess which celebrity ranks No. 1 on most selfies posted to Twitter? Hint: She just shared one late last week
showing off how long her hair has gotten …

Find out the answer and more surprising #selfie facts in the infographic below.




A self-shot photo usually taken with a mobile phone and posted online to social media sites.

Self-documentation. Self-expression. Self-obsession. Whatever you think of today’s increasingly common
self-photos, “selfie” captures it all. From their humble beginnings as high-angle snapshots posted on MySpace –
often taken in their subjects’ bathrooms – selfies have grown into a viral phenomenon that’s sweeping the web.

These simple self-photos flourish at the nexus of popular high-quality camera phones, easy-to-use photo editing apps
for smartphones and ubiquitous mobile social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Together, all of these
technologies have provided fertile ground for the web’s latest self-indulgence: taking the perfect picture of your face,
for your friends, fans, and followers.

Source if you want to read more about Selfies.

When you post a Selfie (a picture of yourself…) remember to add the hashtag (#) to the word Selfie.


I have posted some on my Facebook wall :-)

Here’s basically my first selfie that I took on purpose. Andrew Smith in the background was telling us about this
new trend. And I figured, let me do one :-) as in learn – do – teach. And while he talked I uploaded it to Facebook.

selfie jtfoxx-event xarah-dax

At Empower Network we learn about internet marketing and what works today because especially online things
change fast and all the time. And once in a while you can learn something by going to a business event on how
to grow your business.

Besides here at Empower Network we get paid like Internet Gurus without having to be one. Would you like to
get paid like a Guru without having to spend 18 hours and more like they do?
Click here. And I’ll see there.


Earn Cash In Your Spare Time
May 30th, 2014 by Xarah

Earn Cash In Your Spare Time

Denver Home Business: Earn Cash In Your Spare TimeYou can earn extra cash in your spare time, even if you have very little spare time. I am Xarah Dax. I started my online business in December, 2011. I work in the facebook communities and all around the world because my business is truly global.

A quality product that provides value for people is the key to a successful home business. If you want to supplement your income in Denver, I recommend Empower Network.

Whether you are a 9-to-5er, shift worker, or independent  contractor, the Empower Network business works with your busy life.

Running my home business is not stressful. Processing orders is actually a nice change from my day job, to be honest, I don’t have to do anything. The system does all the work. A buyer fills out the form, gets an automatic email, logs in, and has all the information their he or she needs.

She can go through the information videos at her pace even if I’m on vacation or at a seminar or spending time in my garden.

She can start using the products without me having to hold hands.

What does that mean for her? It means absolutely the same.

When somebody fills out the form on her page, she can be also on vacation, traveling, riding a bike or a boat, planting and plucking weeds in her garden. She does not have to be there. She can be logged in, and write a blog post, shoot a video, upload photos, or watch one of the educational videos while again somebody fills out the form on her site. Even if she’s brand new.

I call that a win-win situation.

She can earn money like a guru without having to be one.

If you would like more information about the Empower Network opportunity, let’s get together and discuss it. You can message me at www.fb.com/xarah.dax.

Thanks for visiting my home based business blog.

Having fun while building a business

Xarah, having fun while building a business

Is It Too Late To Make Money Online?
May 29th, 2014 by Xarah

top home business in Glendale Remember when you bypassed your local travel agent and booked your first airline reservation online? How about ordering your first book from Amazon? Did you enter your credit card number with trepidation? Did you wonder if your purchase would actually arrive at your home?

Is It Too Late To Make Money Online?

Now, most of us in shop online without worrying about security or shipping times. Well, we might worry, but not enough to actually drive to a store to make the purchase.

Since online shopping has become a way of life for thousands of people in and millions around the world, does that mean that e-commerce is no longer a burgeoning industry? Statistics reveal a resounding ‘No!’

There is plenty of room for growth in online channels and among all customer demographic groups. In fact, some experts call online marketing the New Industrial Revolution.

Entrepreneurs planning to launch an online store should feel confident. Consider the following:

1) Untapped Industries
There is room for growth in all industries (even traditionally strong ones) including weight loss products, nutritional supplements, cosmetics, home decor, and clothing. Even the most commonly purchased online products have not even come close to saturation level.

2) Developing Markets
As more people in developing countries gain access to a computer, online retailers expand their potential customer base; especially the retailers who carry products not available to these new online shoppers in their local brick-and-mortar stores.

China, Brazil, Vietnam and Egypt are currently hot markets for online retailers. Check it out at www.marketingcharts.com

3) Over-70 Shoppers
The age group that didn’t grow up online is quickly becoming computer savvy and are e-shopping in greater numbers every year. Smart online sellers will cater to the Greatest Generation.

If you are ready to profit on the online marketplace, I invite you to join my team. I can show you how to set up your online business. Contact me at Facebook today to start building online residual income.

xarah dax

Now-a-days it makes sense to have your own website, better even, your own blog. Did you know you can get your own blog for only $25/month? You don’t even have to set it up yourself. All done for you while you fill out the form. Get it now.

Respond to Negative Reviews?
May 28th, 2014 by Xarah

Should Online Sellers Respond To Negative Reviews?

Should Denver Online Sellers Respond To Negative Reviews? As a mentor for new online business owners, I am mindful of how search engine dynamics affect home based business owners with online stores.

There are two schools of thought about negative reviews: To respond or not to respond.

In an article in the Direct Selling News, author Don Sorenson very effectively explains why responding to negative reviews may increase the harm to your online reputation. I believe the points that Mr. Sorenson makes regarding negative reviews are important for every online seller.

I quote from Mr. Sorenson’s article:

‘When you see a negative review about your company the instinctive reaction is to post a response to set the record straight. I understand the human need to respond, but you have to consider Google’s point of view. Here’s why: Search engines rank various websites high for a few reasons, one of which is relevant content, especially when that content is updated on a regular basis.’

‘When you post a comment on a website, you are in effect giving it new content. And if you get into a back-and-forth discussion with someone on a review website about your company, Google thinks ‘Ah, there’s a lot about this company here, so we’ll rank this website high for searches on their company name.’

‘Now when someone does a search on your company, they are even more likely to see the negative review. You want to avoid that. In fact, you want the websites with negative comments to slip further down the Google rankings so they don’t appear on the first page or two of a search.’ Don Sorenson, “Protecting Your Company’s Online Reputation,” Direct Selling News, March 2011, http://www.directsellingnews.com/index.php/site/entries_archive_display/protecting_your_companys_online_reputation April 2, 2011

Of course, Denver home business owners should respond to complaints by actual customers with legitimate problems. However, consider carefully whether your customer service efforts should take place in an online public forum.

Other social media experts believe it helps a company in the long run to respond to negative reviews. Here is a link to an article that supports this view: http://mackcollier.com/study-responding-to-negative/

I hope this helps online business owners understand the ramifications of responding to negative online reviews. Leave a comment which one you prefer to negative reviews – respond or not respond.

Having fun while building a business. Work from home. Xarah Dax

Xarah, having fun while building a business

For more information about owning your own home based business, contact me today. I have helped hundreds of  entrepreneurs live their dream of business ownership.

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Time To Improve Your Lifestyle
May 27th, 2014 by Xarah

Now Is The Time To Improve Your Lifestyle In DenverWelcome to my entrepreneur blog. Today’s article is a bit philosophical.

I would argue that time is more precious than almost anything else in life.

Now Is The Time To Improve Your Lifestyle

How are you managing your most valuable resource?

  • Are you working full-time for a corporation that may lay you off any day?
  • Are you spending a lot of time training for a new career?
  • Are you able to take the time necessary to nurture your relationships?
  • When was the last time (there’s that word again) you spent a whole day playing?

I am Xarah Dax. I run a Direct Sales business from my Swiss home. I have been steadily building my online income-generating business since April 2009. Now that I have channels of residual income, the checks can come even if I take a three-week vacation with my family.

Sure, the money is great, but guess what I value more than the financial security? More Free Time. That’s right.

I am now living life on my own terms.

I spend several hours a week helping new team members kick-start their home businesses. I absolutely love the challenge of helping people world wide to create something unique and powerful in their life.

Other than supporting my downline, I enjoy a lot of time with my spouse and kids. A lot. I know few corporate executives who have as much free time as I do.

My business is straightforward and uncomplicated. I sell products on the internet and recruit new entrepreneurs who, in turn, create a better, less hectic lifestyle for themselves. And this is the part I really love.

If you feel like you are a hamster running non-stop in a wheel without ever getting anywhere, stop. Take some TIME to give me a call. There is a better way to live, work, and play.




Geo-Targeting Can Boost Your Home Business
May 26th, 2014 by Xarah

Do you have an Online Home Business?

Read this article because

Geo-Targeting Can Boost Your Home Business

Just because your online business can sell to anyone on the globe (can it? Unfortunately a lot of businesses are not in every country. I have two businesses that truly are global, so check with your company in which countries they really are available), it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to appeal to the customer next door.

LGeo-Targeting Can Boost Your Denver Home Businesset’s not forget your customers next door

Specifying the markets you are targeting is an effective strategy for Denver internet business owners.

The first reason is to appeal to the search engines for local search results. With the popularity and widespread use of mobile devices, search engines have been quick to respond with results based on location.

When you search for ‘haircut’, for example, Google assumes you want to know where there are salons near your actual location. Some devices provide an exact GPS coordinate for pinpoint accuracy. Others identify your general location from the receivers, routers, and other hardware through which your device is communicating.

Home business bloggers that include specific geo-locations will be more likely to show up in your local area search results.

Another important reason for entrepreneurs to get local with their content is to generate a connection with your local customers. While it’s always important to talk about the value of your products, you can add blurbs about a popular sports team in your town, current city event, or unique local culture. This personalizes your home business blog posts and boosts your popularity. Most folks love where they live and have a connection to other people in their community. Let your audience know that you are one of them.

Now here’s the trick: make your content relevant to your business objectives. You can’t just mention the local sports team or a current event without tying it to your business in some way. Otherwise, you appear to ramble or pander inexplicably to your online business blog visitors.

Bridge your blog post about a local event to your business, product or service.

I am an Empowered Networker Xarah Dax. I coach new internet business entrepreneurs and help them sell their products and services on the online marketplace. I use a variety of methods to market my online business and recruit distributors to my direct sales network. Let me help you succeed.

Having fun while building a business. Work from home. Xarah Dax

Having fun while building a business


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